Facilitated Programmes

Interactive teaching methods have been our go-to in training students in programming. Complex concepts are adapted into their own language for efficient learning.


Upcoming Programmes

Novemeber 2020

Build Modern Websites

Building a website from scratch can be daunting. In this session, we teach you how to create websites code-free! By using readily available resources on the internet. Anyone can do it.

January 2021

Build Smart Multi-Channel Bots

Websites should also be a way for customers to interact with sellers and organisations. By integrating an AI chatbot into each site, our participants are one step closer to the future.


Past Programmes

Below are some of the programmes that we have conducted for the community

Code Hero [Facilitated]

Madrasahs in SG, Whole of 2019

Intro to Chatbot

Bukit Batok CC Beneficiaries, October 2018

Web Design Crash Course

Mosque Tech Challenge, May 2018

Web Design Crash Course

Mendaki Sense, December 2017

Web Dev Bootcamp

The Codette Project, June 2017

Web Design Crash Course

Mendaki Sense, June 2017

Web Dev Bootcamp

Public, December 2016

Web Dev Bootcamp

Madrasah Al-Irsyad, December 2015


What Our Students Say

The facilitators were all very kind, friendly and helpful. This workshop broadened my knowledge about technology and how all of the websites works. The demonstrators teach us with patience and also explains everything thoroughly.

Dzaiimah Hakim

Web Dev Bootcamp Participant

This bootcamp is truly an eye-opener for me. I’m very interested in continuing this field after my ‘O’ levels.

Muhd Ihsan Hakim

Web Dev Bootcamp Participant